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The Esoteric Accord was formed when certain individuals realized there was a need to protect the Sith Empire not only from external threats but from those within as well. The corruption within the Empire is astounding. Sith Lords spend more time and resources squabbling amongst each other then they do fighting the real enemy, the Jedi Council and the Republic. Imperial Intelligence is supposed to do this job and monitor the situation of both internal and external threats, yet they are just as corrupt.  

 Our singular goal is to preserve the longevity and power station of the Sith Empire. To that end the Esoteric Accord works behind the scenes and watches all. We operate outside of the Empire for the good of the Empire. Though the Empire knows we exist, we are not spoken of freely. Our name is whispered in dark corners. The Esoteric Accord answers only to the Dark Council and the Emperor himself. Though should one of them prove to have disloyal agendas they will face the Esoteric Accord as well.
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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